Taf-heem the word "understanding" derives from the Arabic language. Taf-heem is aimed at providing pre-departure orientation at UAE standards, skilled training and low-cost migration in the country of origin. Understanding the culture, laws and regulations of the UAE is a priority prior to leaving the source country. Workers need to know their rights and to enable them to understand the cost of migration. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, Taf-heem has taken the initiative to provide all workers with a 12-month reusable antibacterial, antiviral protective mask before boarding flights. Taf-heem shall also accommodate providing Covid PCR testing 4 hours prior to flight departure from source country.

Taf-heem educates all sector workers by providing orientation in the source country regarding labour laws, culture, local laws, do's and don'ts, religion, health insurance, salary insurance, basic language skills and then ensures the worker understands all this in their native language by certifying the process by examination at the cost of employers. As part of our eco-system we aim to provide standardised syllabus accredited by the receiving country.

We shall enhance the migration structure by working in collaboration with these existing UAE entities and the Ministries, Consulates and Embassies.


    Issuance, Documentation and Renewal of Labour Contracts for Current and New Employees.


    Educating workers before leaving to the UAE on culture, laws, religion, labour, salary, rights, welfare and well-being.


    Awareness for employees once in the UAE educating them further on Labour Law and their Labour contract.


    Welfare Centre providing mediation, legal advice and assistance.

Taf-heem compliments the existing UAE services as an eco system to ensure full integration and seamless migration. Taf-heem will work with the existing entities to promote UAE standards worldwide.

The UAE prides itself by fighting against corruption and human trafficking; therefore Taf-heem ensures that all measures are taken to ensure that the cost, process and understanding of migration is regulated and at an acceptable standard. Taf-heem aims to work with existing training programs, all Government entities and agents to ensure everyone, as one we create a unified process together.

Taf-heem the first pre-departure orientation at UAE standards

Taf-heem will educate workers on the social, legal and cultural norms of the receiving country, therefore promoting their own safety, understanding and well-being. Taf-heem promotes inclusion and by educating workers prior to them leaving their country will mean less absconding , trafficking, corruption, crime rates and salary defaults.

Skilled workers have a much better understanding of their career and future prospects. Taf-heem aims to provide centralised data of workers' CV and history as well as agents history and costs to all Governments and authorised bodies.

Taf-heem being a trusted high profile UAE entity will encourage UAE employers to cover the cost of orientation. Workers should never be levied with any extra costs.

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“This is not a Nationality Issue.
With the right education and platform, these matters can be resolved.”


TAF-HEEM provides an assortment of services aimed at orienting the arriving migrants.

  • 1. Pre-orientation education
  • 2. Pre-departure training
  • 3. Multi-lingual training program
  • 4. Centralised data
  • 5. Skilled training modules
  • 6. Certification
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